Chia Kee Fishball Kway Teow Noodle

I have made several wasted trips to Whampoa Drive Makan Place in my attempt to try the fishball noodles from this stall called Chia Kee Fishball Kway Teow Noodle. Most of the times, the stall was not opened when I was there. I decided to try my luck again today and am delighted to see the stall open. I ordered a bowl of Dry Fishball Noodle for S$3.00. The amount of vinegar and chilli sauce that was added into the noodle was just right, making it very delicious. There were ingredients like minced pork, sliced pork, fishballs, fishcake and fish dumpling. The dish was garnished with fried spring onions. The texture of the fishball is fresh and bouncy. Despite the several wasted trips made, I must say that it's still worthwhile.

Rating: 8/10 (Good, Must Try)

Chia Kee Fishball Kway Teow Noodle
Blk 90 Whampoa Drive
#01-84 Whampoa Drive Makan Place

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