Hai Chua Fishball Minced Meat Mee

Today I was at Boon Lay Place Food Village to check out this Fishball Noodles stall called Hai Chua Fishball Minced Meat Mee. Heard that this stall was patronise by one of our local celebrity chef and named as one of his favourite Mee Pok stall. I had wanted to check out this stall a couple of times previously but it was either closed or already sold out for the day. I realised that they open in the morning and usually sold out by noon. I ordered a bowl of Mee Pok dry for S$3.00. The doneness of the Mee Pok was springy and just nice. The fishball was bouncy and fresh, not forgetting the minced meat and sliced pork is also tender, I must say that their fresh ingredients bought me over. I find that their chilli sauce can be better if it is more spicy to add more flavour to the dish. If they add lard, it will also help to make the dish more fragrant. You can check out this stall if you are around the area.   
Rating: 7/10 (Good, Can Try)

Hai Chua Fishball Minced Meat Mee
Blk 221B Boon Lay Place
#01-110 Boon Lay Place Food Village

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