Yi Tiao Long (一條龍)

I had a craving for Fried Carrot and Yam Cake today. Yes, it's a combination of both carrot and yam cake. For those of you who may be wondering where this stall that sells this new creation is,  it's located in  Wah Yen Eating House at Sin Ming. The stall's name is Yi Tiao Long. I ordered a large plate of Fried Carrot and Yam Cake for S$4.00 which is enough for 2 person. The Fried Carrot and Yam Cake is very fragrant and taste absolutely delicious. You can taste the softness of the yam and carrot cake with ingredients like the dried shrimp and mushrooms. The combination is definitely a fantastic creation. You must try this new creation that is not to be missed.
Rating: 8.5/10 (Good, Must Try)

Yi Tiao Long (一條龍)
Wah Yen Eating House
Blk 23 Sin Ming Road

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