Chuan Lai Guo Zhi Wang

It has been a long time since I had Kway Chap at this stall called Chaun Lai Guo Zhi Wang located at Macpherson Road. This stall has many awards including Makansutra and they claimed to be the "King" of Kway Chap. I ordered Kway Chap with Mixed ingredients and a plate of salted vegetables. The Kway Chap is delicious and has a thick gravy that is rich and filled with the goodness from herbs and other spices. The duck is pretty good, it is thinly sliced and the thick sauce complements it very well. However, the pig intestines have a strong porky taste and you may not like it if you are not used to the porky taste. It is also a little bitter at some parts, perhaps it's because the intestines are not cleaned thoroughly. The Tau Gua is soft and tender and goes well with the thick stewed sauce. The Tau Pok is spongy and has aborbed the flavour of the stewed sauce. The fish cake is pretty normal but fresh. Lastly, the salted vegetables is not too salty and tastes very appetising. Overall, I find that this Kway Chap is definitely one of the better ones I have tasted.
Rating: 8/10 (Good, Must Try)

Chuan Lai Guo Zhi Wang
Sin Fong Restaurant
560 Macpherson Road

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