Tong Lok Kway Chap

I decided to head down to Pasir Panjang today to check out this Kway Chap stall called Tong Lok Kuay Chap. I wanted to check out this Kway Chap stall a couple of times but each time I'm there, it's either closed or the owner is away. Today is my lucky day, the stall was open when I was there, I ordered a plate of mixed ingredients for 1 person and that cost S$4.00 with 2 bowls of "Kway". You can find ingredients like tau pok, salted vegetables, pig intestines and lor bak. I have high expectation for Kway Chap, especially the "Kway", which I think is the main element of the dish. I find that their Kway can be even better if the soup is thicker and tastier. They can also add fried spring onions to make it even more fragrant. The salted vegetables are not too salty and I find it just nice. The tau pok is nicely soaked with the stewed sauce. As for the pig intestines, it is stewed till it's nice and soft. It has been cleaned thoroughly and that is why it does not have any bitter or strong porky taste. Lastly the lor bak is highly recommended, the taste is heavenly. The lor bak is stewed till it's so soft that even the layer of fat just dissolve in your mouth. This is one of the best lor bak I have tasted. You must order the lor bak if you are checking out this stall.
Rating: 7/10 (Good, Can Try)

Tong Lok Kway Chap
114 Pasir Panjang Road

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