Blanco Court Prawn Mee

I was at Beach Road for lunch today. I decided to check out one of my favourite Prawn Mee stalls called Blanco Court Prawn Mee. As usual, I will order my favourite Pork Rib Kway Teow Dry with Chilli. Unfortunately, there was no more kway teow so I ordered Pork Rib Bee Hoon Dry instead for myself and Prawn Bee Hoon Dry for my wife. The pork rib was tender and the layer of fat dissolves when you put in your mouth. The fried spring onion was fragrant and the chilli was absolutely a great combination with Kway Teow. The soup has a rich prawny taste. This is one Prawn Mee you must try if you happen to be around the area.
Rating: 8.5/10 (Good, Must Try)

Blanco Court Prawn Mee
243 Beach Road

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