Roti Prata

9/26/2011 00:00:00

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Shenton Way Power Stall

I was at Ayer Rajah Food Centre for dinner today. I had a craving for Roti Prata and decided to order from this stall called Shenton Way Power Stall. They serve very good Bee Hoon Goreng and I have reviewed it previously. I was surprised that their Roti Prata was very delicious as well. The Roti Prata was very crispy and it feels like eating keropok. They use mutton curry instead of fish curry to go with their prata. The stall owner told me that mutton curry goes well with the prata and true enough their mutton curry bought me over. The mutton curry was very tasty and does not have the strong mutton smell that I'm quite particular with. The curry is very thick and tasty. This is one of the better Roti Prata I have tasted and definitely worth a try.
Rating: 8/10 (Good, Must Try)

Shenton Way Power Stall
Blk 503 West Coast Drive
#01-55 Ayer Rajah Food Centre