Mad Jack Cafe

Today I was at Bukit Timah area and decided to stop at Mad Jack Cafe for dinner with my wife. It's a nice place that serves western food at pretty reasonable prices. We ordered Spaghetti Chicken Bolognaise* and Crazy Chicks and Chips as well as the brownie with vanilla ice cream with chocolate topping. The Pasta is a little overcooked and too soft for our liking. The sauce is not thick enough but I must say that they are quite generous with the minced chicken. The Fried Chicken is pretty good, the skin is nice and crispy and I like the idea of adding fruits such as apples and peaches to the salad, making the dish a healthier choice. The brownie is very chewy and goes well with the vanilla ice cream but I find that the brownie is a little too sweet. The total price for 2 cost about S$28+ including drinks and deserts, pretty reasonable for 2 persons.
(* We requested to change the spaghetti to linguine)
Rating: 6/10 (Above Average)

Mad Jack Cafe
6 Duke’s Rd (Bukit Timah Rd before Coronation Plaza / Crown Centre)

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