Kim Kee Cooked Food

Today, I was at Tanjong Pagar Food Centre for breakfast before going to the polling centre to cast my vote.
In the nice and cold whether, what would make a better choice than a bowl of hot porridge? I always like the porridge from this stall called Kim Kee Cooked Food. I ordered a bowl of Pork and Liver Porridge with egg. The porridge is smooth and tasty, the ingredients are fresh and one thing unique is that they add watercress into the porridge. The watercress is soft and crunchy, adding more flavour to the porridge. The minced meat ball is wholesome and the sliced pork and pork liver is tender. If you add an egg into the porridge it will make the porridge nice and thick. Lastly, the spring onions that was sprinkled on top makes the porridge fragrant and more flavourful. Overall, I find that the porridge is pretty good and is definitely a healthy choice.
Rating: 7/10 (Good, Can Try)

Kim Kee Cooked Food
Blk 6 Tanjong Pagar Plaza
#02-28 Tanjong Pagar Market and Food Centre

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